Reggie’s letter to Santa

Every year I selfishly get Reggie whatever I want, assuming he must love it. Well this year I am going to do something different. Reggie has had a tough year. He didn’t get to live in his own house for a good chunk of the year, and he had some debilitating health issues this summer. But he was a good boy, he’s on the nice list!

So I decided to follow the lead of my fellow dog bloggers and let Reggie write a letter to Santa and let him ask for what he wants, instead of me just getting it. Here is Reggie’s letter, as dictated to me of course.

Dear Santa,

I have been a very good dog this year. My human made me move and I didn’t complain (much). I faked a stomach flu for about 2 months and barfed in her bed and I kind of feel bad about that…but I saw how upset she was and I did get used to the move so I take it all back. Please don’t hold that one thing against me. Here is my list in no particular order:

1. Squeaky tennis balls. Preferably the Kong ones. My human hides them from me because I do something they call “resource guarding.” I don’t know what that is other than I must need more.

2. Get rid of that pesky neighbor dog. He has a great haircut but bad manners. I tried to teach him once but he didn’t get the hint.

3. A heated dog bed. My human’s bed is heated but she turns it off when she leaves. I prefer my side to stay heated throughout the day but the human won’t do it. Something about “dying in a blazing inferno.” Must be a human thing.

4. A GoDogGo automatic ball thrower. Enough said.

5. Squeaky tennis balls. Refer to #1 and #4.

6. Peanut butter bacon bones. The homemade ones from my Aunt Dao. Maybe you could give her a hint and tell her to send me some? If I knew where she lived I would escape and go there. I hear the humans say my cousin Stewie is chubby and not-so-smart so I think I could take him, even if I am older.

7. A new GoFit ball for Grandma. I found it in Grandma’s house. Santa this is the ball humans exercise with- it’s the biggest ball I’ve ever seen! I bounced that ball all over the house and down the stairs it was awesome…but I broke it. Grandma says she doesn’t care but I feel bad.

8. A pool. I can ask for anything right Santa? I have a pool at the other human’s house, but maybe I could have an in-ground pool at this house? Then I can climb in and out easier? And jump for balls into the water? Refer again to #1, #4, and #5.

Overall Santa I think I have been very good this year and deserve all these things. I don’t ask for much (except maybe #8). I have met deer before and I was nice to them if that sways you at all.

Paws and licks,


Pet Expo preview!

Stop by the booth (#408) and see us this weekend! November 21-23 at the Suburban Showplace in Novi. Treats and gifts galore for all pets that stop by! There is even a raffle prize if you drop your name and email in the bucket 🙂


So many treats!

So many treats!


Reggie’s favorite things

Gifts with a doggy theme get cooler and cooler every year. I think I might call these holiday posts Reggie’s Favorite Things (assuming this isn’t trademarked by Oprah). So for the dog or dog lover in your life, read on!

Gifts for the dog lover

Dog T-Shirt

Dog T-Shirt

I was in a crafting mood earlier this year and I put Reggie’s silhouette on a canvas- fun art project. Now you can put it on t-shirts, tote bags, pillows, coffee mugs and phone cases. This company will do standard breeds or your photo (custom) as a silhouette with breed descriptions as the photo. Cute! Prices are in the $20-$40 range. I might need a t-shirt…

The Dogs of Christmas

The Dogs of Christmas

When you need to escape the holiday crush, pick up a touching story of dogs and Christmas. The Dogs of Christmas by W. Bruce Cameron tells the tale of how a “Dogs of Christmas” shelter program and a litter of puppies can change someone’s life.

Home Cooking for Your Dog

Home Cooking for Your Dog

How about a New Year’s resolution for better health- for your dog? I often make treats for Reggie because the majority of store bought treats he can’t eat due to his allergies. For $40 (or less, check other booksellers) try this cookbook on for size Home Cooking for Your Dog by Christine M. Filardi. It includes recipes for treats, meals, and even raw food recipes.

House Sign

House Sign

Maybe you are looking for that splurge gift this year. Maybe you need to spruce up the front of your house. For $165-$345 you can get a custom address plaque for your house.

Tabitha Cottrell

Tabitha Cottrell

I am a sucker for these. I don’t own one, but maybe one day. There is another artist that does similar dog art (Sian Keegan) in a small scale and these stuffed dogs are much larger- about 20”. The custom dogs are around $175-$200. Note: these are people toys not dog toys.

Gifts for the dog

I think the dog backpack is fairly well known tool for adding complexity to your walks. Try the Doodie Pack. Like a normal backpack with pockets for adding weights or water bottles (or waste bags like the name implies), but with added features. The features? You can get it monogrammed with your dog’s name and/or a statement specific to their needs such as “I’m deaf- ask to pet first”. I support The Yellow Dog Project and it’s no secret that my biggest annoyance is the dog bum rush. Reggie can be skittish and he does not like getting charged- I don’t care how friendly your dog is. The backpack spells it out loud and clear!

Give the gift that keeps on giving! Barkbox can given as a one time gift or a monthly subscription. Boxes are tailored to weight of the dog. Reggie has had a subscription and the toys and treats are fun! See Barkbox sidebar at the right.

Dog Hammock

Dog Hammock

While you’re thinking ahead to the wonderful days of summer, so is your dog. Did you ever lounge in a hammock in the backyard? Maybe your dog would like to as well. Try this hammock from Pet Lounge Studios. A splurge for Fido at $250, but will look very cool in your backyard!

This toy could be hours and hours of fun or a complete disaster. Reggie would probably get it thrown up in a tree. However it’s a great idea and I certainly see the fun in this! The Doggie Bungee toy for less than $25.

I think I will more likely get the GoDogGo automatic ball thrower. Controlled by remote or a time setting, Reggie would not stop playing until he passed out. It would be $120 well spent. Watch the video you will laugh hysterically.

The holidays can be stressful and the very opposite of what this time of year is supposed to represent. Cherish the memories you make, and the ones you are with- canine and human!