Puppy Bowl Sunday!

Super Bowl you say? No, Puppy Bowl! It’s Puppy Bowl XI and it couldn’t be cuter. Cleverly timed at 3 pm so you don’t miss that other game and complete with its own halftime entertainment- the Kitty Halftime Show- the Puppy Bowl is sure to please human and pet alike!

Go online now and watch the pups prepping (sleeping) in their locker room, or the kitties practicing (also sleeping) in theirs. Check out the starting lineup, interviews with the referee and the commentators. At 3 pm it will be broadcast on TV on Animal Planet.

See highlights from last year’s Puppy Bowl, and read the adoption stories from last year’s players. That’s right- all the players and performers are from local shelters and are adoptable. You can read their bios and adopt a Puppy Bowl star!

If you really want to, you can even make your own fantasy puppy team and play along. I don’t know if Vegas has odds on the Puppy Bowl, but they probably do they have bets on everything.

Go puppies!

Reggie’s letter to Santa

Every year I selfishly get Reggie whatever I want, assuming he must love it. Well this year I am going to do something different. Reggie has had a tough year. He didn’t get to live in his own house for a good chunk of the year, and he had some debilitating health issues this summer. But he was a good boy, he’s on the nice list!

So I decided to follow the lead of my fellow dog bloggers and let Reggie write a letter to Santa and let him ask for what he wants, instead of me just getting it. Here is Reggie’s letter, as dictated to me of course.

Dear Santa,

I have been a very good dog this year. My human made me move and I didn’t complain (much). I faked a stomach flu for about 2 months and barfed in her bed and I kind of feel bad about that…but I saw how upset she was and I did get used to the move so I take it all back. Please don’t hold that one thing against me. Here is my list in no particular order:

1. Squeaky tennis balls. Preferably the Kong ones. My human hides them from me because I do something they call “resource guarding.” I don’t know what that is other than I must need more.

2. Get rid of that pesky neighbor dog. He has a great haircut but bad manners. I tried to teach him once but he didn’t get the hint.

3. A heated dog bed. My human’s bed is heated but she turns it off when she leaves. I prefer my side to stay heated throughout the day but the human won’t do it. Something about “dying in a blazing inferno.” Must be a human thing.

4. A GoDogGo automatic ball thrower. Enough said.

5. Squeaky tennis balls. Refer to #1 and #4.

6. Peanut butter bacon bones. The homemade ones from my Aunt Dao. Maybe you could give her a hint and tell her to send me some? If I knew where she lived I would escape and go there. I hear the humans say my cousin Stewie is chubby and not-so-smart so I think I could take him, even if I am older.

7. A new GoFit ball for Grandma. I found it in Grandma’s house. Santa this is the ball humans exercise with- it’s the biggest ball I’ve ever seen! I bounced that ball all over the house and down the stairs it was awesome…but I broke it. Grandma says she doesn’t care but I feel bad.

8. A pool. I can ask for anything right Santa? I have a pool at the other human’s house, but maybe I could have an in-ground pool at this house? Then I can climb in and out easier? And jump for balls into the water? Refer again to #1, #4, and #5.

Overall Santa I think I have been very good this year and deserve all these things. I don’t ask for much (except maybe #8). I have met deer before and I was nice to them if that sways you at all.

Paws and licks,


Reggie’s 8th birthday!

Reggie turned 8 last Saturday and I have to do his “school picture” post. Reggie is a little grayer- he now has a little gray starting on his eyebrows. He can’t jump into my car (I have an SUV) he just puts his paws at the edge of the door and looks back at me like, “I’m ready help me up!” He sleeps more; he crashes in the evening a bit earlier than he used to. Despite some additional signs of aging this year, his attitude remains the same- a super puppy with a super playful disposition 🙂

Reggie at 1 1/2 years- right after adoption

Reggie at 1 1/2 years- right after adoption

One month before 4th bday

One month before 4th bday

5th bday

5th bday

6 yrs

6 yrs

7th bday

7th bday

8th bday

8th bday (a little grumpy!)