Puppy Bowl Sunday!

Super Bowl you say? No, Puppy Bowl! It’s Puppy Bowl XI and it couldn’t be cuter. Cleverly timed at 3 pm so you don’t miss that other game and complete with its own halftime entertainment- the Kitty Halftime Show- the Puppy Bowl is sure to please human and pet alike!

Go online now and watch the pups prepping (sleeping) in their locker room, or the kitties practicing (also sleeping) in theirs. Check out the starting lineup, interviews with the referee and the commentators. At 3 pm it will be broadcast on TV on Animal Planet.

See highlights from last year’s Puppy Bowl, and read the adoption stories from last year’s players. That’s right- all the players and performers are from local shelters and are adoptable. You can read their bios and adopt a Puppy Bowl star!

If you really want to, you can even make your own fantasy puppy team and play along. I don’t know if Vegas has odds on the Puppy Bowl, but they probably do they have bets on everything.

Go puppies!

Reggie’s House at the Novi Pet Expo

The Novi Pet Expo was tremendous, and it has taken me a few days to regroup and get my world back together! My booth location was awesome; right near the entrance and right across from the local pet store’s set up. I can’t call it a booth- they had a whole section in the expo. I had major traffic!


Reggie's House booth

Reggie’s House booth

Entrance to pet store in front of booth!

Entrance to pet store in front of booth!







On day 2, Victoria Stilwell was the featured guest of the show. It was inspiring to hear her speak. Many rescue groups were there, Detroit Dog Rescue (DDR) among them. The founder of DDR, rapper Hush, works with Victoria Stilwell and she demonstrated simple techniques with the adoptable DDR dogs at the expo. Amazing to watch.

Victoria Stilwell, first lesson

Victoria Stilwell, first session

Victoria Stilwell, second session

Victoria Stilwell, second session










I would love to go back next year. We will see. One last note…the second day of the expo was Reggie’s 8th birthday! I will have to do a belated “school picture” post, but happy birthday Reggie!!

Reggie's 8th birthday!

Reggie’s 8th birthday!