Reggie’s letter to Santa

Every year I selfishly get Reggie whatever I want, assuming he must love it. Well this year I am going to do something different. Reggie has had a tough year. He didn’t get to live in his own house for a good chunk of the year, and he had some debilitating health issues this summer. But he was a good boy, he’s on the nice list!

So I decided to follow the lead of my fellow dog bloggers and let Reggie write a letter to Santa and let him ask for what he wants, instead of me just getting it. Here is Reggie’s letter, as dictated to me of course.

Dear Santa,

I have been a very good dog this year. My human made me move and I didn’t complain (much). I faked a stomach flu for about 2 months and barfed in her bed and I kind of feel bad about that…but I saw how upset she was and I did get used to the move so I take it all back. Please don’t hold that one thing against me. Here is my list in no particular order:

1. Squeaky tennis balls. Preferably the Kong ones. My human hides them from me because I do something they call “resource guarding.” I don’t know what that is other than I must need more.

2. Get rid of that pesky neighbor dog. He has a great haircut but bad manners. I tried to teach him once but he didn’t get the hint.

3. A heated dog bed. My human’s bed is heated but she turns it off when she leaves. I prefer my side to stay heated throughout the day but the human won’t do it. Something about “dying in a blazing inferno.” Must be a human thing.

4. A GoDogGo automatic ball thrower. Enough said.

5. Squeaky tennis balls. Refer to #1 and #4.

6. Peanut butter bacon bones. The homemade ones from my Aunt Dao. Maybe you could give her a hint and tell her to send me some? If I knew where she lived I would escape and go there. I hear the humans say my cousin Stewie is chubby and not-so-smart so I think I could take him, even if I am older.

7. A new GoFit ball for Grandma. I found it in Grandma’s house. Santa this is the ball humans exercise with- it’s the biggest ball I’ve ever seen! I bounced that ball all over the house and down the stairs it was awesome…but I broke it. Grandma says she doesn’t care but I feel bad.

8. A pool. I can ask for anything right Santa? I have a pool at the other human’s house, but maybe I could have an in-ground pool at this house? Then I can climb in and out easier? And jump for balls into the water? Refer again to #1, #4, and #5.

Overall Santa I think I have been very good this year and deserve all these things. I don’t ask for much (except maybe #8). I have met deer before and I was nice to them if that sways you at all.

Paws and licks,


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