Reggie’s House is on vacation

It’s been a whirlwind of a summer at Reggie’s House. Due to our new Hollywood lifestyle, time is scarce. Readers you may recall I had an opportunity of a lifetime to rent my house to movie execs while they are filming Batman here in Michigan. The catch- I had one week to move, and it is for a 6 month duration.

Reggie has made several new daycare friends (well, girlfriends). I have met and cared for many new dogs and cats while pet sitting. And in the midst of all this, I will be starting a new job! This means we need some time off and a vacation.

Cousin Stewie

Cousin Stewie

Reggie’s House will be taking a few weeks off to rest, visit with family, and go Up North (aka Traverse City to non-Michiganders). Reggie and I are looking forward to the visit of his Uncle Steve and Aunt Dao (sans Cousin Stewie) in the next two weeks- they’ve never been here to visit him!

There will be Wordless posts throughout our break, and if I can post I certainly will! Otherwise, Reggie’s House will return with regular posting on August 24 🙂

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