Reggie has inflammatory bowel disease :(

Reggie has been having issues lately, and they are not over. I thought he was getting better, but unfortunately it was brief and he has relapsed.

He has been diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease, something I never considered dogs could have. But, they have the same parts! His abnormal bile acid count from a few weeks ago was a precursor, a warning sign, to what was coming. He has been vomiting, he will not eat, and I have had the [dis]pleasure of shoving his medication down his throat and making him swallow because he wouldn’t take food a few times this past week.

Reggie’s dad and I joke that Reggie is on a “hunger strike.” Meaning, every once in a while, for maybe two days we know that his stomach acts up and he doesn’t feel well and he won’t eat. He takes Zantac on a daily basis to help with this, but it still occasionally occurs. This time however was different. It was the reverse; he was spending more time not eating and only a couple days eating. Today, I found out the high liver count, the abnormal bile acid, the vomiting- all equal canine inflammatory bowel disease. A quick Google search from Pets WebMD yields that the most common form of the disease “has been associated with giardiasis, food allergy, and overgrowth of intestinal bacteria…Vomiting is common.” Uh oh. Well, Reggie does not have giardiasis. But, vomiting? Check. Intestinal bacteria? Check. Food allergy CHECK.

So now Reggie is on probiotics and antibiotics. Sounds conflicting I know but I’m not a doctor. In one week we reassess to see how well he’s eating (if he’s eating…). He may have to temporarily be on anti-nausea meds to get some food in him. Then, he may have to have prescription food specific to GI issues. I’ve been down that road before- he ate prescription food during food trials.

So we carry on, and restore Reggie’s tummy to balance!

4 thoughts on “Reggie has inflammatory bowel disease :(

  1. I”m so glad to see you blogged – I wondered why I didn’t see it yesterday. 🙂 Sorry to hear about the stomach troubles – maybe it’s something to do with Michigan – lots of us are having them! Hope he’s better soon….

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