Reggie’s House one year anniversary!

It’s the one year anniversary of Reggie’s House! I’ve had so much fun writing this blog. I have 77 followers- and I am thankful for each and every one of you! I love spreading current dog information to better our dog-human relationships. If we could all understand the workings of how dogs learn a little better, we could train a little better, and there would be happier pets, families, and dog-human relationships.

The past year I have discovered Reggie’s true breed, explored his health issues, the structure of the dog brain, basic training exercises (like walking!), common human foods that are toxic to dogs, and many other topics.

By far the largest number of hits still to date is the post about psychomotor seizures. In the next year, I will begin a monthly update on the latest findings about psychomotor seizures in dogs. When Reggie was diagnosed I could find so little information to help me, and now there is more and more information available every day. And, unfortunately people are in need of information as evidenced by the continual number of hits I get.

I am also going to incorporate some site changes (gradually…) to freshen up Reggie’s House look and streamline the site. If you haven’t explored the sidebars, Barkbox and Dog is Good, these are great gifts for both dog and human (ahem the holidays aren’t that far away!). Barkbox can be purchased singly or as a subscription, and yes Reggie has a subscription…spoiled he is not!

And last but certainly not least I have invited a couple guest bloggers to contribute. Since I am good at research but I am not a veterinary or training professional, I have reached out to those that are. I have allowed them to write whatever they want, and I don’t know a schedule yet so we’ll be surprised together!

Feedback is so important. If there is ever a topic that you want me to stick my researching guns to, let me know! Our quest as companions to our dogs is to make their lives the best they can be.

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