Why does my dog do that?

Reggie is my inspiration, obviously, for almost every one of my posts. In a fit of doggy-ness, I had to ask multiple times recently, “why does my dog do that?” So I starting compiling a list of all those funny things that dogs do- Reggie no exception in most cases- and searching for explanations to those doggy-isms. Here are the most common.

Why does my dog scratch the ground after she defecates?

Does your dog scratch several times with her hind legs, leaving track marks in the ground, after she defecates? This is ancestral; dogs are from the wolf family (as humans are primates) and wolves do this in the wild. The idea is generally marking territory. Feces dries out so the scent doesn’t stay around very long. The deeper the claw marks means the bigger and stronger the animal, and the scent from the glands in the feet (in between the toes and the pads) leave a longer mark.

Why does my dog spin around a couple times before laying down?

Again the most agreed upon response is ancestral. When dogs were wild they obviously lived outdoors not in custom made fleece beds. Outdoors, they needed to paw at the ground and fluff up the grasses to make a nest or dig a hole to make a bed to conserve body heat while they slept. The spinning around is to make sure they fit and get comfy- similar to how you toss and fluff your pillows before you settle in for the night.

Why does my dog butt scoot across the floor?

I thought maybe everyone knew this, but maybe I just assumed that because of Reggie’s history. The butt scoot is actually a medical issue and you should take your dog to the vet. Your dog has anal glands that are generally expressed when your dog defecates, but if your dog has soft stools, diarrhea, frequent diet changes, etc. these glands can become full and then they scoot to try and relieve them (express them) themselves. It won’t work. They need to go to the vet. This is common in little dog breeds.

Why does my dog insist on crotch sniffing everyone that comes through the door?

Well he’s introducing himself. And finding out if they are the shady type at the same time. Dogs sniff the rear ends of each other when they meet because the anal glands contain so much information that they read off of each other like breed, sex, mood, health, and reproductive state it seems only natural that a dog would go right for the gold on a human.

Why does my dog lick everything?

Geez Reggie is a licker. Not in a slobbery Mastiff kind of way but in a lovey kisses kind of way. Oh and a I want to taste everything kind of way. So dogs lick everything and this is normal. Dogs have many taste buds and this is how they identify things, and to a certain extent they clean themselves (not as much as cats). It’s also a sign of affection. However, licking can be indicative of problems too so take note; allergies, obsessive disorders, infections or wounds, and illness.

What funny behavior does your dog have? Please share!

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