I discovered this fun new thing and of course I immediately ordered it for Reggie (he’s not spoiled or anything, that’s already been established). It was so much fun to get the box in the mail knowing what was inside. If your dog is anything like mine, any package that comes into the house (or grocery bag, or piece of mail) is obviously for him- and this time it is!

Being able to settle him down for a minute while I open the box was a bit of a challenge, but he will oblige because he knows he has to sit in order to get treats or toys and he will muscle through it for that prize!

Reggie's BarkBox

Reggie’s BarkBox

Inside the box were 2 toys and 3 treats. I gave him the penguin toy first. The treats he actually could eat two out of the three, due to his allergies- I was pleasantly surprised. I purchased a 6 month subscription to BarkBox. There are other options available; 3 month and one month, although 6 month is the most economical.

I thought this was so cool that I signed up to be an affiliate for BarkBox. Meaning, that you now see a link on the site to get your own BarkBox! I do have to disclose to you that I receive an incentive for every BarkBox sold. BUT, I know that you will love your BarkBox (or ahem your dog will) as much as Reggie does.

Reggie and the penguin

Reggie and the penguin

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