Dog art

An idea in a magazine kept for me busy for a couple hours one afternoon, and then made me think- there’s a whole world of “dog art” out there that could populate your house with all kinds of dog art.

From high end portraits to fun wall hangings to do-it-yourself items (such as I did), there are many ideas to represent your love of dog or your own dog in your house!


The Hollowing Canvas

The Hollowing Canvas

There are great artists out there that will paint a portrait of your pup if commissioned. One artist, Lisa Graziotto, will paint your dog based on a photo you send in. For a different style of pet portrait art, check out Jean Glaser.

Fun Wall Art

My favorite (not that portraits aren’t cool) is unusual or unique things, stuff you won’t see everyday. For instance, remember making paper snowflake cut-outs as a kid? How about a professional doing it…in the shape of a dog?

Made by Julene

Made by Julene

Julene Harrison makes paper cutouts that are so intricate, it’s amazing.

Dog Eye Chart

Dog Eye Chart

Or how about a Squirrel Vision Test? You can’t make this up and this hilarious wall hanging goes with any decor.



These awesome wall hangings by Artehouse say it all don’t they? Inexpensive and the perfect size, there’s about twenty I could order right now.

Vintage dog posters actually date back to the 1800s, with the bulk of then being made in the 1890s. Even though the style of this art is not completely foreign to me, I had no idea that these were a “thing”.

La Belle Epoque

La Belle Epoque

La Belle Epoque is reinvigorating this scene and has dog posters in a variety of categories at a variety of prices.

For a DIY project, get some cardstock paper in a any color you like, washable non-toxic paint, stencils, and a frame. Make sure that you lay down a sheet or towel, and have all your stuff ready to go. I had a couple sheets of cardstock for practice (the first attempt wasn’t so hot). I painted Reggie’s paw and printed the cardstock- let it dry really well. Then I took the stencils and printed his name under the paw print. You could of course print a cute saying like “will cuddle for food” or whatever suits your pet. Again, make sure you get washable, non-toxic paint as it can absorb into their paws.

Love and Loss

When the unthinkable happens, people grieve differently. I haven’t thought about how I’ll handle it but the remembrance of your pet can be honored in a number of elegant and personal ways.

Urns can be special for your pet. These beautiful wood urns memorialize your dog in different ways- frisbee, treats, a profile. For a more traditional urn look, check out Syntropy Creations. These urns can be customized with a medallion for a special memory.

Robins Loving Touch

Robins Loving Touch

Some people prefer to carry the memory of their pet with them, close to them, rather than have a physical reminder around. With a special kit, you can make a nose print of your dog and wear it as necklace charm. Or, necklace pendants from Smiling Blue Skies come in a variety of styles and help support the Smiling Blue Skies Cancer Fund.

Perhaps the way best way to feel better is to give back. Dog shelters, adoption clinics, leader dogs, fosters, many places need help that don’t require money. Offering your time and attention to a dog in need may be the salve on a wounded heart that you need.

Spice up your life with some ode to dog in your house- as if people didn’t already know your preferences!

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