Welcome to Reggie’s House

Welcome to the inaugural post of Reggie’s House! This blog is dedicated to our canine companions, and inspired by mine- Reggie.

Reggie came into my life at just under 1 1/2 years old as a rescue dog. He is a black lab/greyhound mix (and probably some other things as well) with a sweet temperament and a loving disposition. He is the first dog I have ever owned and to say I was lucky is the understatement of the year.

Reggie, and dogs in general, have changed my life. I have found an affinity for dogs, their health, breed characteristics, the science behind how dogs learn, and consequently their training. I am not a certified trainer (CPDT- Certified Pet Professional Dog Trainer), nor do I have any veterinary training. I am an ordinary person that studies and reads a lot, and draws on the observations of my own dog.

This blog is intended to share my experiences in a positive, informative manner and encourages sharing your knowledge and experience as well for the ultimate goal: the betterment of the lives of our canine companions.

Follow Reggie’s House for discussions on health, nutrition, training and body language, socialization, and current events.

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