Jennifer has taken care of my cats (4 of them) while I was away on vacation. She did a wonderful job, and given how finicky cats can be I was surprised how calm and content they seemed when we returned home. Jennifer has a wonderful demeanor and is a true animal lover. She is very trust worthy and I had no hesitation giving her my keys. She is meticulous in following instructions and provided complete care for my kitties. I would definitely use her again!

Melissa Y.

Jen is one of the most respectable individuals I’ve ever met. And while I do not have dogs, I have helped Jen work on a plan to work more closely with them (I am a career coach). Smart, amazingly talented, uber-responsible, and intellectually well-informed about all aspects of “dog management” (like we expect people managers to be!) I’ve known her for seven years, and have never seen her steady, calm, commanding (when need be!) presence waver. I highly recommend her both from “she’ll be great with your dog” perspective and from a “she’ll be great with your home” perspective. In short, her character is unimpeachable, she is friendly, and she knows what the heck she is doing.

Maureen M.